Did you know that Babcon Electric’s $149 Home Safety Special includes thermal imaging to determine electrical hotspots in your home? What are electrical hotspots? Electrical parts that are damaged or about to fail will emit heat. Thermal imaging, like pictured above, will allow us to detect any excessive heat. Here are some reasons why we might detect excessive heat:

  1. Loose or overtightened connections
  2. Overloaded components (example, anything using more than 80% of a circuit breakers rating)
  3. Uneven voltage distribution
  4. Failing components (thermal imaging helps us locate these without isolating each component)

There are great advantages to thermal imaging, it allows us to find and fix a problem without shutting down the entire home.  Thermal imaging could also help prevent a fire hazard in your home.  Electrical components and wiring running too hot, could potential be dangerous to your home and family.

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Also included in the $149 Home Safety Special:

  • replace all smoke detector batteries
  • tighten all electrical panel connections
  • test all GFI outlets
  • analyze electrical hot spots
  • and more