This is a staggering statistic! According to the National Fire Protection Association, 14,630 home fires occur each year because of clothes dryers.  These fires account for 9 deaths, 420 injuries, and $222 million in property damage.  The sad fact is, most of these fires could have been prevented with regular cleaning of the dryer lint trap and vent hose.

When dryer lint accumulates, it can cause blockage or reduce the air flow from your dryer.  This reduction in air flow will cause you dryer to operate at a higher temperature.  This can lead to mechanical failure, or lint catching on fire.

It is recommended that you clean your lint trap every time you get ready to operate your dryer.  Also, regular checks of your dryer hose, making sure it is not too long or kinked against the wall, will help prevent lint from building up in the hose.  A little time and maintenance could save you a large headache (or potential injury) later.