Do you realize that the very first experience a customer has with your business is the parking lot?  Parking lot lighting is a major factor when customers decide to stop, park, and shop.  A well-lit parking lot enhances safety and security, improves the appearance of the business, and sends a clear message that you are open and ready for customers.

Quality Parking Lot Lighting will:

  1. Help prevent accidents – Walking in poor lighting could cause slips, falls, and serious injury. Drivers may not be able to accurately see people, parking spots, or other parked vehicles.
  2. Lower crime – criminals are less likely to commit a crime on your property if the building and parking lot are both well lit. This deters crimes and makes your customers feel safe at night.
  3. Make your business look more professional – Good lighting makes your employees and customers feel confident in your business and makes the property warm and inviting.

Why Switch to LED Lighting?

Changing all your lighting and fixtures sounds like a lot of money right?  It isn’t. LED technology can help you save money in 3 ways:

  1. Reduce your energy consumption – LED lights will consume between 45 and 450 watts. HID lights consume between 250 – 1000 watts. Replacing your lights with LED lights could have your power consumption going down 75%.
  2. Lower your maintenance – LED lights don’t have to work as hard as traditional lights to produce adequate lighting. This prolongs their lifespan.  Thanks to this, they won’t have to be replaced for years. LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 – 100,000 hours and retain 70% of their brightness for their entire lifespan.
  3. You may need fewer fixtures – Parking lot poles usually have 1 or two fixtures. Busy areas may have up to 4. Since LEDs generate better light, you my only require a few fixtures to produce the same amount of light.

LEDs offer an economical and very effective way to keep your parking lot well-lit and attractive to customers.  Why spend so much money on the interior of your building when the parking lot is deterring customers?


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