Your electricity is always running, allowing your family to be comfortable by powering the heating and cooling unit, the lights, television, refrigerator, and many more modern conveniences.  Did you know that electrical problems have been reported as one of the largest causes of property damage?

Safety hazards can be prevented with a home electrical inspection.

What is a home electrical inspection?

This is a thorough examination of your entire home electrical system, wires, systems, components etc.  This check will involve making sure your circuits and equipment are not overloaded. This needs to be done to ensure your home/apartment meet legal safety standards.  This should be done when:

  • Purchasing a new or existing home
  • You are selling your home
  • When your home is 25 years old or older and has not been inspected
  • You have old wiring in your house
  • Adding new appliances
  • Or during a new renovation

We all make sure regular maintenance is done on our vehicles to keep them running smooth and to ensure there are no future malfunctions or defects leading to accidents.  Your home should be treated with the same thoughtful attention to safety and longevity as your car.

Call the experts at Babcon Electric today and make sure your home stays comfortable and safe.