Each season of the year brings new weather and thus new changes to our lifestyles. The warmer temperatures in the Spring and Summer months entice us to get outside more, boating, swimming, gardening, and landscaping. Our kids also want to get out and play more, flying kites, riding bikes, playing ball, and having a great time.

Here at Babcon, the safety of you and your family are a top priority.  This is why we thought it would be a great time to share some Spring safety tips.

  1. This Spring when you are replacing shingles, cleaning out gutters, painting the house, or cleaning windows, be sure to keep ladders well away from power lines. Always look up and make sure the area is clear when placing your ladder.
  2. Pay close attention to where your kids play. Climbing trees or flying kites too close to power lines can cause serious injury.
  3. Power tools require A LOT of power. If they are not in use, unplug them.  This will keep them from overheating and will also help to keep your work area free from potential tripping hazards.
  4. Always check the power cords of both your tools and the extension cords. Frayed or damaged cords can make the tool dangerous to operate.
  5. Be sure to keep your power tools well away from water. This could include swimming pools, sprinklers, water hoses, or just a quick rain shower.
  6. Many of our projects require digging. Swimming pools, fences, decks, buildings, etc. As we mentioned in an earlier article, ALWAYS call 811 before you dig.

Enjoy this great weather with your family, but do it safely!

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