With the recent rainfall here in Kentucky, and more on the way, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of the danger presented by the possible flooding of your home or basement.

Having your home or basement flooded is a very stressful time, but it can also be a very dangerous time if you are not careful.  Flash flooding can occur so quickly that we do not have time to prepare our homes properly. Below, we wanted to offer 4 tips to keep you safe during/after a flood.

  1. NEVER go into a basement, recently flooded or still filled with water, until you have contacted the utility company or licensed electrician to disconnect the home from the power grid.
  2. Always have someone with you when entering the home after a flood. DO NOT enter until you are off the power grid, but even then, having someone else there in case of danger or emergency is a must.  Bring plenty of lighting and wear appropriate clothing.
  3. After the flooding and recovery, ask an electrician to do a through check of your home’s electrical system. Rusted metals might prevent proper grounding in some cases.
  4. Once you begin recovery of your home/basement, remember, all electrical equipment will be ruined. Do not try to plug in a flooded piece of electrical powered equipment.

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